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AGM and Presentation Night

17 May 2024

The Annual General Meeting, on 15th May, was well attended and of course, the presentation of trophies was the highlight.
Notable attendees were life members, John Boas and Noel Burrows and special guests, John Griffith and wife Pam, very long and loyal supporters of the Club.
On this occasion, the Club unveiled a new trophy which has been donated jointly by John Griffith and Ashley Woods. (Ashley is currently residing in London)

The trophy, The Woods/Griffith Trophy, to be awarded to the “most outstanding junior jumper in the Club”, in essence replacing and expanding on a previous, very dated junior high jump trophy which had been donated by John back in the late 1970s. John and Ashley were thanked profusely for their generous donation.

Carla being presented the Woods/Griffth Trophy by John Griffith

Carla being presented the Woods/Griffth Trophy by John Griffith

Congratulations to all athletes and trophy winners:

W.A.Rawlinson Trophy: Jamie Blackburn
Statewide Trophy: Thomas Langdon
Hugh Lowe Memorial Trophy: David Greig
Banyule Trophy: Kate Bukovsan
St.James Ivanhoe Trophy: Perrin Theocharides
F.J.Holpen Trophy: David Burke
Jack McCann Trophy: Anne Bukovsan
Buffalo Sports / Athletes Foot Trophy: Eliza Nelson
Lew Hall Trophy: Theodora Hally
Geoff Legge Trophy: Lonardo Donareli
Boas/Hancock Trophy: Glen Nicholson
COVID Cup: Barry Greig
Woods/Griffth Trophy: Carla Parris
6km Handicap- 2024: Murray Fairplay

Additional medal honours:
Lonardo Donareli: National Champion in Men's U14 800m and 2nd in U14 1500m at Australian T&F Championships.
Finalist in the Victorian T&F Championships: Jamie Blackburn MU20 3000m (1st), MU20 1500m (4th); Liam Furlong MU20 3000m (13th); Leonardo Donarelli MU14 800m (1st); Theadora Hally WU20 3000m, WU20 1500m (12th); Kate Bukovsan WU16 800m (10th); Carla Parris WU13 800m (5th)