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18 Nov 2017

AV Shield Round 5 - Doncaster (P1) - Mount Evelyn (P2)

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Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, 26 Nov 2017 - AV Shield Round 6 - Frankston (P1) - Aberfeldie (P2)
  • Saturday, 2 Dec 2017 - AV Shield Round 7 - Ringwood (P1) - Doncaster (P2)
  • Sunday, 10 Dec 2017 - AV Shield Round 8 - Williamstown (P1) - Casey Fields (P2)

An invitation to join

Ivanhoe Harriers Athletic Club, established in 1914, has a long tradition of producing top quality athletes. Ivanhoe Harriers' club coaches have coached State & National Champions as well as Olympians. Our coaches are committed to helping athletes of all abilities reach their full potential and enjoy their sport. Therefore, whether you are a champion in the making or just looking to improve your fitness and have some fun, Ivanhoe Harriers can fulfil your needs. The club welcomes male and female athletes of all ages from teenagers to veterans.

New members may be eligible for a free crop-top uniform or Under 14 uniform.

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