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Ivanhoe Harriers All-Comers 6km Handicap

20 Apr 2021

Our historic event was held on Saturday, 17th April, in fine conditions. We had a great morning with 24 runners and a quick BBQ afterwards.

1st place was Cormac Skaliotis, Yr 7 at IGS
2nd place was Thomas Franklin, Yr 9 at IGS
3rd place was Kate Bukovsan, Yr 7 at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar

Fastest times: Thomas Langdon- 20:12, David Greig- 20:37 and Alex Linke- 22:27. (Note: course record still stands at 19:47)

For all the times view the full list of results, however a couple of observations:

  • 17 of the 24 runners were within 2 minutes of their projected handicap time.
  • Two fathers of athletes had a run, Glenn Morrison (father of Ben) and Enrico Cementon (father of Justin, currently at Canberra Uni) also had a run, well done guys.
  • Three mothers of athletes also had a run, Chistina Lew (mother of Thomas and Will Franklin) and Marcia Wishart (mother of Jal) and Mary Langdon (mother of Thomas)… what a family affair!
  • Andrew Potocnik made an appearance, Andrew is a past Ivanhoe athlete from the 80s and 90s, great to see Andrew supporting the Club.
  • Claude Aquino has re-joined after the COVID absence and is running very well.
  • A great turnout by Ivanhoe Grammar School and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School.

Many thanks to Chris Branigan, Troy Rowe and Adam Franklin for helping at the finish line and particular thanks to Michael Linke for cooking the snags.

A great start to the Cross Country season.

Winners lined up after the presentations

Cormac Skaliotis, (handicap winner), Thomas Franklin (2nd), Kate Bukovsan (3rd), Sami Rowe (winner of the COVID Cup over 6 events during 2020/21), David Greig (wins the chocolates for an excellent 4:00 minutes in a 1500m this past season) and Thomas Langdon, fastest time in the handicap race of 20:12.

New Uniform

29 Jan 2021

The new uniforms have arrived.
Yesterday's training session was the first opportunity for the athletes to wear their new uniform in public. The official debut of the new uniform will be at the next round of AVSL at Doncaster on 6th February.

A group of Ivanhoe Harriers athletes running the boundary line.
More photos...

AVSL Round 3 at Doncaster

14 Dec 2020

Jack Harper ran a very good 200m in 23.47, a big PB...then did a great long jump, 4.96...congrats Jack.
Harry Shaw surprised with a 5.30 long jump with no practice. Harry also recorded a PB in his 200m with a 24.66, he is a very versatile athlete.
Jack Harper doing a Long Jump Harry Shaw surprises in the Long Jump Ben Morrison in his 200m race
Ben Morrison ran his best ever sprint recording 26.76 in his 200m, not bad for a middle distance man!! a massive 2 second PB.

There is still time to get on board, register for some summer athletics, build your fitness and support the team!

Summer Competition for 2020-21

26 Nov 2020

Athletics Victoria has structured a 10 round program for the summer months. The program has been significantly modified in order to satisfy Government COVID-19 restrictions. Many events are not catered for at present.

This will be a summer we will not forget but at least, at this stage, we will have some competition over some events.
Provided there are no new breakouts, the first six competition dates are scheduled as follows:

29th Nov
60m sprint, 600m, Long Jump, Discus Doncaster
6th Dec
100m sprint, 400m, Triple Jump, Shot Put Doncaster
13th Dec
200m, Walk, Long Jump, Discus Doncaster
20th Dec
100m sprint, 800m, Triple Jump, Shot Put Doncaster
16th Jan
100m sprint, 400m, Long Jump, Discus Aberfeldie
6th Feb
200m, 1500m, Triple Jump, Shot Put Doncaster

Please note the first four rounds are on Sundays.
We intend to update the program as more information comes to hand and hopefully COVID-19 restrictions ease further. Thankfully the easing of restrictions on Sunday, 22nd November will assist.
We hope to see a solid attendance at the first round as we target some serious PBs over the 600m. If you want to have a crack...get your registration in.

New Uniform

22 Oct 2020

The Committee has been working away at developing a new uniform. This project gained traction following our joining with the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians' Association (OIGA) and the desire to display the badge of OIGA.

This presented as a convenient opportunity as in recent years, a number of club members and past members had mentioned their preference of our original uniform and bolder colours.

The Committee looked at options with the desire to return to our original colours as far as possible and develop a design that was a closer resemblance to the original uniform featuring the historic maltese cross.

The final artwork is shown below. OIGA badge on right breast, the maltese cross will be a fraction larger than shown in this proof.
We are delighted to be able to embrace the past and show ourselves as distinctly "Ivanhoe". I am sure all the older members will be very pleased. A straw poll of our younger athletes at training has given a tick of approval to this next step in our evolution.

New Ivanhoe Harriers uniform (front and back)
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