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Ivanhoe Harriers All-Comers 6km Handicap

20 Apr 2021

Our historic event was held on Saturday, 17th April, in fine conditions. We had a great morning with 24 runners and a quick BBQ afterwards.

1st place was Cormac Skaliotis, Yr 7 at IGS
2nd place was Thomas Franklin, Yr 9 at IGS
3rd place was Kate Bukovsan, Yr 7 at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar

Fastest times: Thomas Langdon- 20:12, David Greig- 20:37 and Alex Linke- 22:27. (Note: course record still stands at 19:47)

For all the times view the full list of results, however a couple of observations:

  • 17 of the 24 runners were within 2 minutes of their projected handicap time.
  • Two fathers of athletes had a run, Glenn Morrison (father of Ben) and Enrico Cementon (father of Justin, currently at Canberra Uni) also had a run, well done guys.
  • Three mothers of athletes also had a run, Chistina Lew (mother of Thomas and Will Franklin) and Marcia Wishart (mother of Jal) and Mary Langdon (mother of Thomas)… what a family affair!
  • Andrew Potocnik made an appearance, Andrew is a past Ivanhoe athlete from the 80s and 90s, great to see Andrew supporting the Club.
  • Claude Aquino has re-joined after the COVID absence and is running very well.
  • A great turnout by Ivanhoe Grammar School and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School.

Many thanks to Chris Branigan, Troy Rowe and Adam Franklin for helping at the finish line and particular thanks to Michael Linke for cooking the snags.

A great start to the Cross Country season.

Winners lined up after the presentations

Cormac Skaliotis, (handicap winner), Thomas Franklin (2nd), Kate Bukovsan (3rd), Sami Rowe (winner of the COVID Cup over 6 events during 2020/21), David Greig (wins the chocolates for an excellent 4:00 minutes in a 1500m this past season) and Thomas Langdon, fastest time in the handicap race of 20:12.