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New Uniform

22 Oct 2020

The Committee has been working away at developing a new uniform. This project gained traction following our joining with the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians' Association (OIGA) and the desire to display the badge of OIGA.

This presented as a convenient opportunity as in recent years, a number of club members and past members had mentioned their preference of our original uniform and bolder colours.

The Committee looked at options with the desire to return to our original colours as far as possible and develop a design that was a closer resemblance to the original uniform featuring the historic maltese cross.

The final artwork is shown below. OIGA badge on right breast, the maltese cross will be a fraction larger than shown in this proof.
We are delighted to be able to embrace the past and show ourselves as distinctly "Ivanhoe". I am sure all the older members will be very pleased. A straw poll of our younger athletes at training has given a tick of approval to this next step in our evolution.

New Ivanhoe Harriers uniform (front and back)