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Super 6 Handicap Competition

7 Oct 2020

Super 6 Handicap Competition or “The COVID Cup”

In order to try to provide some form of competition to compensate for the lost cross country season, Barry Greig and Jeff Franklin contrived this event.

Barry will calculate handicaps for the six events which will conclude prior to Christmas. The events being 400m, 800m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m.
The events can be run singly, or in pairs, or if allowed small groups.

The first event was a 1000m time trial which was contested by 16 members of the Club.
Sami Rowe was the winner of this first event beating her handicap time by 38 seconds, second was Alex Linke with a very fine run of 2:55 beating his handicap time by 25 seconds.
Fastest time for this event was David Greig who ran a very good 2:45, also beating his handicap time by 20 seconds.

Super 6 Handicap Event 1 Winner

A nice pic of Sami Rowe being presented with the chocolates for her well-deserved win in the Super 6 Handicap race over 1000m. Older sister Ella also ran very well. With the old coach presenting the prize.