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6km Handicap

22 Mar 2020

The Club's annual 6km Handicap race was held on Saturday 22nd March. This year we had 20 runners trying their best to beat the handicapper. As usual Barry Greig did a fantastic job trying to identify the smokies but a couple of youngsters got under our guard.

First across the line was Zac Philip in 27:45, closely followed by young Will Franklin with an actual time of 28:58.
Fastest time was David Greig in a new course record of 19:47.

Times and placings as follows:

Christina Franklin38:0011th37:4320
Zac Philip32:001st27:4516
Will Franklin32:002nd28:5818
David Burke31:0013th32:0019
Richard Russell29:005th27:1713
Adam Franklin28:407th27:2314
Thomas Franklin28:306th26:5812
Calum Rothnie28:204th26:0310
Thomas Heap28:203rd26:029
Luke Malara27:208th26:0811
James Lynch26:0015th27:3915
Jal Wishart26:009th25:238
Flynn Deacon25:5010th25:167
Marcia Wishart24:0020th28:2017
Charles Shea21:0019th24:306
Ben Morrison20:3017th22:144
Josh Philip20:1018th22:185
Justin Cementon20:0016th21:433
Thomas Langdon19:4014th20:412
David Greig19:3012th19:471

Congratulations to all participants, it was very competitive.
A number of the boys had trained very hard on the preceding Tuesday and Thursday so were a little tired. The times emphasise the quality of David Greig’s run which was 5 seconds quicker the Tom Langdon’s record run from the previous year.

A group photo of all the participants.

A group photo of all the participants.