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Fundraising at Fairfield Grill'd

6 Aug 2018

Ivanhoe Harriers have been selected to participate in Local Matters at Grill'd Fairfield this August!

What does this mean? It means that if you buy a burger at Grill'd Fairfield in August and put your Local Matters token in our jar; at the end of the month Ivanhoe Harriers will be rewarded with a $300 or $100 gift depending on whether or not our jar receives the most tokens.

Each month the Grill'd community donation program sees each Grill'd restaurant donate $500 back into the community. The donation is split between 3 local community groups $300 / $100 / $100.

We would love your support in receiving the highest $300 donation!

You can find our Local Matters jar at Grill'd Fairfield, 126 Station Street, Fairfield. Thanks for your continual support!

Grill'd Fairfield - Local Matters